Does Simplefilings provide quality services or are they a scam? 
If you have ever used for any service, let people know what to expect based on your experience (good or bad).

Here is a quote directly from the company

We do our best every day to please our customers, to try to earn their repeat business, and to make whatever service they choose (LLC formation, DBA registration, EIN filing, tax extension, social security card application preparation, etc.) simply as easy and trouble-free as possible.


Please leave any comments or reviews you have about this site.


19 thoughts on “ scam?

  1. They do not answer the phone on weekends, only 8-5 CST. E-mail them instead for support on weekends, I got a same day reply on a Sunday.

  2. I was just looking to use their site for an LLC. It was hard to get through on the phones in the morning.

  3. I used them to prepare a replacement ss card form. I gave them all my information and they charged a fee. They sent me the ss form with all my personal information on it. I don’t know if they are a scam.

  4. I used them to create an LLC for some rental properties. I called em up instead of using the website, and it went fine.

  5. This site charges to fill out the some documents, then gives directions to your local office, or a place to mail them. They are not a scam, but it is for something that you could do for free with some research and time.

  6. I lost my personnel information in a move. I was attempting to obtain my social secutity card replacement. I looked on the internet and found simplefillings. I filled out forms they needed, then it displays a page that it will cost. It turns out that the charge is legal for the cost of the service…but what concerns me is that if “SimpleFillings” have me pay them for a service, then what will they do with all my personal information?

  7. I admit to knowing nothing about tax IDs and businesses. I did a web search for applying for an EIN and they came up in the search. They charged me to file for an EIN. As it turns out, they informed me I actually already had an EIN which I confirmed. They gave me a partial refund for that.

  8. In my case: I used them to change the name on my social security card to reflect my married name. Here is what happened. After selecting “Change name on Social Security Card,” the site prompted me to enter my name, my maiden name, date of birth and my parent’s names.” Then, after payment, the site indicated I needed to take or mail the information I provided to the social security office with a list of documents that would be accepted (birth certificate, etc.). They provided a form using information I typed in.

  9. This site looks and ‘sounds’ caring. Their fee is for helping obtain a new social security card. They charge you $38 for the form preparation service. New social security cards themselves are actually free.

  10. I recently got married and need to change my name on the card. Could have been done at the SS office but I wanted web help.

  11. You can get a Social Security Card for free, just take time to go down to the Social Security office.

  12. Simple Filings will charge you for Social Security Card application help, but just the filled paper work. You need to mail that to the social security locations they give, or take it into a specific office, because it requires supporting docs like a birth cert.

  13. Simple Filings charges for you to use their site. This you do by filling out a page, then print off a SS form with all your information on it. You need to mail it yourself to the Social Security office. If you change your mind, you can ask for a refund within 7 days or something like that.

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